"Zipper" Adopted June 2007

It was June 4, 2007 when I woke up to find that my house had been burglarized while I was upstairs sleeping. Several electronics like my computer  and DVD player were stolen. Most of all, what was stolen was my sense of security. I had only lived in my new home for 6 months. That same day, after the police and my parents left, still stunned after what had happened, I decided I needed a K-9 companion who could help me feel secure in my home. I went to the ASPCA and found a small furry dog the staff had named Latte. I was able to adopt him on June 7th and I renamed him Zipper. He is a great security guard, not letting anyone come near my house without me knowing. I got married October 2, 2011, and Zipper just had to be part of the celebration.  Zipper and I have been very happy together, and he just LOVES his new "daddy".

Rachel Nadeau