"Daisy aka Asia May" Adopted November 2007

We met "Asia May" after she had spent several months at GAHS and several failed adoption attempts. At age 9 we realized this was not fair to her. We came down to see how she was, having a "hound home" we knew the ropes with the breeds. She was brought home and needed much attention. Her lingering anxiety consumed her. After consulting repeatedly with our veterinarian we decided to try her on some medication for her extreme anxiety. She felt wonderful after she started treatment, and her sweet personality could come out without any of her nervousness and anxiety. She is a sweet girl who has settled in our home and we decided to give her a new name for a new and wonderful chapter in her life. We named her "Daisy" because of how she blossomed from a repeated return to GAHS to a wonderful functioning member of our family, she's a fun friend for our 2 older children, new baby and her fur-brother Baxter the beagle. Thank you GAHS for all your support and encouragement in our journey with her!

The Lawlers, Auburn Me.