Success Stories

"Carson" Adopted April 5, 2010

I met Carson, who was found as a stray, while I was volunteering at the GAHS one year ago. He was sick with the "Corona virus" and was in quarantine and I was helping take care of him. Needless to say, even though he was 10 months old, he was there a little longer than your average "pup"....perhaps a result of his hyperactivity and his skiddish nature. I have had Carson a year now, and boy have we come a LONG way! With a lot of socialization (both with humans and other dogs) and some one on one training with Sergei from The Dog Rehabilitation Center of Maine...Carson is like a new dog!! He is so much more relaxed and trusting of people and he spends his days at the dog park, doggie daycare, and riding in the car with his head out of the window. He goes everywhere with me, and I wouldn't trade my pup for the world :) 

"Bullet" Adopted 2006

My boyfriend and I met Bullet at your old shelter in 2006 he wasn't quite a year old then. He reached out of his cage and snagged my coat while I was cooing over a smaller kitten. When we looked closer we noticed he was missing a foot, and having already owned our own 3 legged hamster we couldn't resist the matching pair. He lived his first year while I was in college keeping his best pal Chris company, a man who at one time believed cats were snooty and didn't think he'd ever get close to one, today they are inseparable. Bullet helps him with his artwork, keeps his side of the bed warm, greets him at the door and plays all his favorite video games with him. He has a dog and a cat sibling who he keeps in line, and spends most of his time begging for treats or napping in the middle of the dog bed. He's a great little gray puma, and we can't imagine what life would have been like these past 5 years without his companionship!


This is caleb, we were luck to be able to adopt him from you guys nine years ago when he was a kitten. He is the best cuddle kitty :) Caleb enjoys his days hunting and laying in the sun. He has a brother Jake( Boston terrier) and a sister Purr( my niece's cat) Thanks for being able to provide us with a great addition to our family.

Tracy Lagueux, Greene.


"Fletcher" Adopted 2007

Fletcher was brought to the shelter as a stray in 2007. I came to the shelter just looking to see what happened to be available. Fletcher was so skinny from wandering the streets, but he was the one who stuck out to me. I took him out for a walk but left the shelter without filling out any paperwork. All day I could not get Fletcher out of my head, so I went back to the shelter to fill out the paperwork. Later in the week I picked up Fletcher to bring him to his new home. He left his mark by peeing on the front desk on his way out!

Fletcher has been with us for almost 4 years now and has a Mommy in his life as well. We could not have asked for a better dog. He is a very smart little guy with a great personality and a ton of energy. Fletcher now spends his days keeping his eye out for squirrels in the yard, going for walks, sticking his head out the window of the car, playing with all of his stuffed toys, and ruffling the bed just to his liking every night.

Thank you all for everything that you do!

Keith and Michelle Morin

"Rusty" Adopted in 2002

This is Rusty! We adopted way back in 2002. He is now almost 10 years old, but doesn't act his age at all. He still acts like a puppy. He is the biggest "baby" you will ever meet. When we had a newborn I was nervous on how he was gonna act around her and the first day I brought her home he never left her side and 2 1/2 years later its still the same way. He is my daughters best friend,  he is so gentle with her, even if she tugs on his ears everyday :) He is the best addition to are family. Thanks so much for giving us the best dog anyone could ask for.





Alabama Pup "Paige" finds a new home!

This little Alabama pup fell into the hearts of her new family. Eli came to the shelter with his dad having no idea that he was taking a puppy home. While dad was doing paperwork to adopt "Paige" Eli looked into Paige's kennel hoping he could pet her. We shocked him when we took her out and said to Eli "This is your puppy". The smile in the picture only shows a little bit of the excitement. We wish you the best in your new home, Paige!




Matilda - Adopted September 2010

Thank you for letting our family adopt Matilda - she is a great addition and as you can see by the photo she is feeling just like a part of the family!  She's increased her food intake to 5 cups a day and absolutely loves running full speed ahead out side.  She seems very happy here and we are happy to have her with us!  We are hoping we can get a family picture at some point but she is such a love bug that every time we go to sit with her to take a picture she rolls over for us to rub her belly.

The Pratt Family

Hattie the Happy Hound

Hattie came to our shelter as an owner surrender several months ago. Like many of the hounds here, her kennel behavior was less than desirable; she growled at the staff, her hackles were up, and she would cower to the back side of her kennel when anyone tried to approach her, especially men.

One of our staff members felt that underneath all of these behaviors, she was really just a fearful dog who deserved a chance at a good home. So…she took her home to help her with these behaviors and to teach her how to trust again.

After a couple of months, Hattie was a new dog. She would come to work with Kristin almost daily so that she could get some exposure and have a chance at being adopted. She was still a bit fearful in the kennel, but once she was out, her true colors would shine through.

A hound savvy family of seven came to visit the shelter one day and Kristin introduced them to Hattie. Hattie loved the family immediately, especially the five children. She even took to the father rather quickly. It was a perfect match.

Today, Hattie happily resides with the Bean family, and has three canine companions as well. Two of her three “sisters” are also former resident hounds of the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. Hattie and her family hunt together on a regular basis, which is exactly what these hounds were bred to do.


My name is Stanley.  I arrived at the shelter in October 2009.  It was not your typical stray arrival or a surrender due to behavior story.  I had actually gone missing for about ten days from my previous home and returned a little skinnier and missing my front right leg.  I was not a pretty sight and what needed to be done was beyond the scope of what my previous family could perceive doing, so I was brought to the shelter with very little hope.  Needless to say, I was given that second chance.  As horrifying as I looked when the shelter staff took me in, I was never left to feel helpless.  I was seen by the vet immediately and scheduled for surgery on the very next day.  The infection was severe and it was surprising that I still had some life left in me, but I reached way down deep and found the strength to hold out just one more night.  The very morning of my surgery I was cuddled by staff and was prepped to have my entire leg (right up to the shoulder) amputated.  This can be a difficult decision as the front exrtremities are necessary for ease when traveling, running and playing, but I was bound and determined not to let any of this change the fact that I am indeed a cat.  Three legs or none.  I am going to live out those nine lives that were promised to me. 

Today, I find great comfort on the couch of my new adopters who have since moved to Brooklyn, NY and have taken me along so we can start our new life over looking the great city.  I am king of the window sill and take great pride in being a three legged cat.  I can still do all that I want and it even comes in handy when I want to play "pathetic" and get that extra bite of salmon at the dinner table.  I aks that you go to the shelter and adopt your success story.  It's great being famous.

Senior "Taco"

Meet Taco, this senior citizen Chihuahua was a stray from New Gloucester. If there is such a thing as a stray, all dogs have an owner some where. Well, Taco was found wandering the roads looking for his owner. The local animal control picked him up and transported him to the shelter on October 13. We were sure someone would be claiming him. Ads were placed in the paper and the animal control keep checking for an owner. No one came forward to claim him, now we needed to decide what we were going to do with him. The Veterinarian estimated his age as very old. He had only three rotten teeth to his name and the front of his lower jaw was missing. The staff knew he would make a great companion for someone, only if they could find the right person to adopt him. We placed his picture on our web page and he appeared in our monthly full page ad in the local newspaper, we were so happy when an excellent prospect filled out an application for him. On October 26 he visited Turner Vet Service and had pre surgery blood test to make sure he would handle the anesthesia, his blood work came back normal. He was in great shape for surgery, so that afternoon he had his three remaining teeth removed. He recovery was quick and was placed into his new home on October 27.

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