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$6 Summer Saturdays!

What will $6 get you these days? A coffee or fast food meal? Or, you could donate those dollars and make a BIG impact in the life of a needy animal!

Each Saturday during July and August, we’ll be focusing on an area of care for animals where your donation will make a difference. Areas like

  • Enrichment, which keeps our animals mentally stimulated while in our care
  • Nutritious food, which keeps our animals healthy and full
  • Behavioral support which allows us to work with challenging animals and improve their adoptability, as well as assisting owned pets in the community at risk of being surrendered
  • Medical care, including vaccines, medications and surgeries to prevent disease, improve quality of life and save lives!
  • Providing for senior pets- including dental procedures, special diets and medications.
  • Assisting needy pets in our community with basic wellness services.
  • Supporting our adoption efforts to place thousands of animals in loving homes every year.

Donate today and know that your gift will be put to excellent use.