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“Practically Purrfect” Pet Portraits

Help us raise $10,000 to purchase a new industrial washing machine and dryer! With thousands of pounds of laundry done every week, our animals love fresh clean beds and blankets!

  1. Submit payment of $25 using the below form. We welcome additional contributions to help us reach our goal! A $25 donation will guarantee you a digital re-creation of your pet’s photo and possibly a print copy, depending on what the artist submits.

2. Add your pet photo here: If you do not have Facebook, please email it to

3. An event coordinator will assign a volunteer artist to create your pet portrait. While some of the volunteers are actual artists, many of them are students, shelter staff, and community members who want to help. The range of artistic ability is wide, and we think that makes it so fun and very unique!  

5. Artwork should be created 1-2 weeks after the artists is assigned to it. Digital images will be posted in the Facebook group or emailed to you.