Adoption Fees

Below are current adoption fees. These fees help us to offset the costs of the care, supplies and medical treatment provided to every animal on a daily basis while in our care. These fees help support future pets in need as well.

Dogs and Puppies
AgeAdoption Fee
2-6 months$399
6 months to 1 year$369
1-6 years$269
6+ years$169
Seniors for Seniors (8+)$80
Cats and Kittens
AgeAdoption Fee
2-6 months$229
6 months to 2 years$175
2-8 years$85
8+ years$55
Seniors for Seniors (8+)$25
Other Animals
Guinea Pigs$20
Rats, Hamsters, Mice$10
Ferrets and Chinchillas$40
Parakeets and Finches$15