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It's safe to say the name Arabella fits this girl to a T, if you didn't know Arabella also means "beautiful" and that absolutely fits, doesn't it?

Arabella is a hidden Gem, and would be a wonderful addition to an adult only family that is looking for the perfect adventure partner, and best friend. Being about 5 years old, she's that perfect mix between play, and relax. She is so excited to meet her forever best friends, and settle down – as you can imagine, the kennel environment is super hard on her, as it is for most dogs.

Arabella would do best in an animal free home, where she can have a quiet home to decompress and finally feel comfortable to be a dog. Arabella has been through a lot over her years, and as social as she can be, it takes some time for her to really bond with her people. She will be a real loyal companion though, once she feels confident and comfortable enough to do so. Her future home would need to feel confident enough to handle, and commit to helping Arabella through some behavioral challenges, a safe place to feel comfortable to eat her meals, and an animal-free energy outlet (fenced in yard, low foot traffic hiking spots etc.)

We know once Arabella falls into the routine of her new home she will become her forever families best friend, and such a wonderful companion. Her want to love, and be loved is endless.

If you think this precious angel would be a good fit, please come in and meet her!

On Hold:
Terrier, American Pit Bull, Mix
Black, White
Spayed / Neutered:
5 Years 4 Months

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