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Meet the beloved Baby!

This devoted girl just wants a family to call her own and to love her. At almost 9 years old she is ready to retire on a nice porch (or couch) just soaking in the sun rays.

Baby loves her walks and seems to enjoy a game of ball here and there. She is very people oriented and will scoot her butt over to you to ensure you are always touching. She'll even reach her little paws out to you in the car you you're patting her or holding her hand. I mean come on, who doesn't want a needy dog.

When it comes to a Nylabone, rawhide, or anything this little lady can chew, that is hers and not for the taking. In the event you need to have what she has, she is a very happy camper to trade whatever she may have for a snack or treats of any sorts. She would do best getting her chews in a "safe place" like a crate or a gated room to keep control and safety. Our canine team are happy to discuss with you what this may look like in home and how to manage it.

There should be no other animals in the home and little to no animal foot traffic outside the home. Baby does not care for animal companionship and will let them know. Older children who can understand Baby and her body language is a must, we're thinking about 12+. Loud or quick movements can make her feel uneasy.

If you have questions or would like to visit this sweet girl please stop on by!

On Hold:
Terrier, Pit Bull, Mix
Tan, Black
Spayed / Neutered:
8 Years 10 Months

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