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Hi there, my name is Braveheart and i'm gonna tell you a little about myself.

Let's start at the beginning.. flashback to December 4th of 2021, I was running around Tallahassee, Florida when these nice people picked me up and brought me to the shelter. I was really skinny, and not as handsome as I am now (although, still pretty handsome.) My friends at Tallahassee humane, gave me all the food, vet care and love I needed and nursed me back to health. I got so much special treatment it was amazing, I went on field trips, and sleepovers and even got to play with so many of my amazing friends. Even though I was in a shelter, I got to be a dog again and that was great.

Now, Flashforward to November 20th, my friends in Florida said "you're going on a trip" and I was so so excited, I didn't know where I was being brought but I trusted my friends so much there, I just went with it. After a couple days on a van with my friends we arrived in Maine! Man, it's cold but the people and houses are warm and to me that sounds like a dream. When I arrived here, a lovely staff member brought me home and now I get to play with their resident dog, and I'm doing really well with the resident cat as well. I love all, and would love some kiddo friends too. Honestly, I would love anything. I now weigh a whopping 55 lbs and would say I am lookin' realll goood (i know you can't deny it.) As much as I adore my foster family, I am so excited to meet all of the potential homes in Maine that will love me and care for me as much as I will love them.

Alright, now that you've caught me in my vulnerable moment, please come in and meet me! Smell ya soon!

On Hold:
Terrier, American Staffordshire, Mix
Blue, White
Spayed / Neutered:
4 Years 0 Months

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