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Courage – Available in foster

Meet Courage!

Weight: 40 lbs

This sweet guy is ready to find his forever home and unleash his courage! Despite his name, Courage isn't the bravest soul – yet we see the potential in him! He's a shy guy who ended up at one of our out-of-state partner shelters with a few other dogs. Courage finds strength in the company of his canine friends, so he needs to join a household with confident, brave companions.

Courage is young, which makes it easier to help him see the world isn't so scary. We're looking for someone excited to work with a nervous dog and witness his transformation into a brave companion. In playgroups, his true goofy, playful nature shines through as he bounces around and chases toys.

Courage requires a fenced and secure yard. He'd also like to meet his entire family before going home; multiple visits may be needed, and bringing your dogs along could earn you extra points! He's fine with feline friends, and our staff can guide you through gradual introductions at home for everyone's comfort. We're seeking respectful, dog-savvy kids who understand Courage's need for decompression and patience at home. All family members, including children, should meet him before adoption.

If you think this sweet boy would make a great addition to your home, please visit us to meet him.

On Hold:
Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown), Mix
Black, White
Spayed / Neutered:
0 Years 8 Months

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