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Meet Darryl!

This handsome man made his way to GAHS after he was found running around outside, Darryl was a little nervous when he first arrived here but after a few days he settled in very well and it's been so fun getting to know this guy. Because Darryl was a stray we don't know a ton of history on him but here's what we've learned so far: Darryl knows basic commands, like: sit, down, and paw adn roll over – he'll gladly show them off to you when offered a toy, or treat. Darryl LIKES to work, and would be a great working dog for activites like agility, water dog etc.

He is very toy motivated, yes toy not treat – and his favorites are squeaky toys, and tennis balls. Darryl gets pretty relentless on giving up his toys, so we have started working with him on trading, and praising him when he does so. He absolutely adores playing, and love and once he warms up to his new family, you'll have quite the affectionate gentleman on your hands.

Darryl will need a good routine, and a good decompression period in home to settle in, and get to know everyone. He has interacted with dogs socially at the shelter here and has done phenomnal with some female dogs he has met (he's such a flirt.) Darryl has done well around some male dogs too, but can be a bit more selective of male companions. We would want Darryl to meet any potential canine siblings prior to going home!

Darryl has done well meeting feline friends here with us, we believe he would do best with dog-savvy feline friends, and ensuring he has proper outlets in home – physical and mental stimulation and slow introductions with feline friends. This will help everyone be set up for success, and our team here has some great tips to provide to his adopters on what that may look like.

Due to Darryls size, and play drive we believe teens would be the best for this guy, 8+ – and we ask that his whole family come in and meet him prior to adoption! Darryl is such a goon, and has such a funny personality, he will make a great companion once he learns what a forever home feels like.

On Hold:
Terrier, Mix
White, Tan
Spayed / Neutered:
2 Years 1 Months

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