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Hey there! My name is Duke. I was told to start this bio off by telling you about my favorite things – which would include butt scratches, yummy treats and tennis balls. Pretty simple, right?

I am a bit anxious here at the shelter, so I hope that the right family – one that will offer me all kinds of love and attention – finds me fast! While my friends here are taking good care of me, I can't wait to move on to my next chapter!

Socially, I don't mind other dogs, so going on adventures and seeing new places would be terrific! Although, I have never lived with another dog and would do best as the only one at home. I think that being at home with another dog would be too overwhelming for me. Don't worry though, I'm a big enough personality to fill your house and you won't need any other pets at home!

Older kids would be best, too, because sometimes I like my personal space. It will be a lot easier for me to have human siblings that are able to understand that. I do very much enjoy being around and playing with older kids since they easily match my energy level.

I hope I described myself well enough and that you are grabbing your jacket and keys to come meet me! (Stop and grab me a chicken nugget or two on your way??? LOL xoxo)

Smell ya soon!!!

On Hold:
Terrier, Pit Bull, Mix
Tan, Black
Spayed / Neutered:
5 Years 3 Months

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