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Fido (HW+)

Fido is a super cute and friendly two year old pup. He is very tolerant with dogs and would likely do well in a home with dogs his size. He did also live with children and was very good with them so a home with respectful children who won't jump on him would suit him best. He is a big outdoors pup who loves to lay in the sun, go on hikes, runs, and swims. His favorite activity is running so leash-walking or a fenced in yard is a must for him. He is a little bit of a houdini when it comes to being on a runner so supervision is a must. Fido has a big personality and is full of love, he is more interested in pets and cuddles than playing with most toys. Fido did test positive for Heartworm so he will be foster to adopt. He is ready to go home, but his adoption will be finalized once his treatment is complete. This will allow the team here at GAHS to oversee his continued treatment.

If you are interested in Fido and think that he would make a great addition to your family, please come in and meet with him.

If you already have a dog, we would require a meet and greet before he is able to go home. 🙂

On Hold:
Hound, Mix
Tan, Brown
Spayed / Neutered:
2 Years 11 Months

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