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Jada is a frisky, senior, indoor only kitty who is looking for her forever home. She will come to you when she wants attention but is pretty independent and likes to do her own thing. She loves to play, use her scratching post, and hunt laser pointers. Though she loves to cuddle and be pet, she is sure to keep you on your toes. Jada wishes to be the queen of the castle and wants to be treated as such. If you're looking for an exciting new feline companion Jada would be the perfect fit.

Jada has lived with cats in the past but she does not get along with them very well and would do best as the only animal in the home. She would be very overwhelming to other pets and due to her finicky nature, a home with mature older respectful children would suit her best. A cat-savvy family who understands cat behavior would be best.

Jada is a chunky girl who is going to need some extra help with losing some of her weight. She would love a family who is able to spend some time everyday playing with her and giving her some exercise. She may even do well on a harness.

If you are interested in Jada and think that she would make a wonderful addition to your home, please stop by to meet her!

On Hold:
Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Grey, Black
Spayed / Neutered:
8 Years 11 Months

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