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Joe – Available in foster

Joe is a serious boy, whose early lack of experience leaves him needing a confident owner ready to introduce him to the world. He would do well in a rural setting as property guardian because Joe loves to be outside. His serious side means being left to just hang out and "dog" is not good for his mental health. Joe needs a job, not exercise but a purpose to fulfill the livestock guardian dog side of his genetics. Most of his early play responses were more attempts to diffuse discomfort not actual requests to play. Joe lacks many basic canine social skills and has just as much trouble reading them as he does humans.
On the bright side Joe learns very quickly. He does better with confident, respectful dogs who exhibit lower energy. Due to his protective nature and high pray drive Joe cannot go home with cats. Joe does like string cheese, but is not treat motivated like pet dogs. You will need good communication and a solid relationship if you want Joe to actually listen. Joe is an extremely loyal dog who will always be by your side. Joe is doing well off leash within our fence during supervised periods and has shown respect for those boundaries. A fence is a must with Joe, he can move faster than your mouth.

Joe is working on his training while in a foster home and is available for adoption by appointment only.

On Hold:
Anatolian Shepherd, Mix
White, Black
Spayed / Neutered:
1 Years 7 Months

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