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Meet Kobe!

This younger guy is looking for a quiet home and family to join, Kobe can be a shy guy at first but once you offer him some of his favorite treats, it's game over. Kobe knows basic commands like, sit, down and paw and walks well on leash. He'd be a great companion looking for a dog to just mosey around the house/neighborhood with. Kobe can be a little more nervous of men, then women so some adequate decompression time in home, and relationship building between Kobe and any male will be important.

Kobe has lived with other dogs before and has done well, we are asking that he meet any potential canine siblings prior to going home, he would be best paired up with a similar, mild energy pal. A kid-free home (18+) would be best as quick movements make Kobe nervous, and he's a guy that likes to have his space when he wants it. Dog-savvy felines that have experience living with dogs would be ideal, slow introductions in home would be best and our staff here is happy to share some tips on how to help everyone slowly start to integrate into home.

If you think Kobe would be a great addition to your home, please come in and speak to one of our adoption counselors.

** Kobe has had double cherry eye surgery with us, upon visit we will be happy to discuss the timeline of his healing. We didn't want that to prevent him from finding his forever family but we will be continuing his treatment while he is here. He will be a foster-to-adopt until he has healed and our medical team clears him, and then his forever family will be good to take him home! **

On Hold:
Pug, Boxer
Brown, Black
Spayed / Neutered:
2 Years 6 Months

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