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Lucky is a shy senior guy who has never lived with any other animals and has only ever lived in one home. He is having a hard time adjusting to staying here at the shelter and is quite timid around people. Lucky needs a very patient and cat-savvy family who understands cat behavior to be happiest. He is a very nervous kitty so a quiet and calm home would be best for him. Lucky has never been outside before so he needs to stay as an indoor-only cat. He will likely hide for the first few weeks or longer when he gets to his new home. Lucky has a hard time adjusting to big changes so please be understanding that he is a little grumpy when you meet him.
Once given some time to warm up Lucky's true personality will start to shine. Lucky absolutely loves having his cheeks rubbed and will even start to drool. He could spend all day rolling around in a big pile of catnip. Lucky is very food motivated. Wet cat food and treats will be a great way to win him over. Lucky is more likely to curl up in a warm sunbeam and take a nap than he is to chase a toy however, this may change in a home when he's more comfortable.
If you are interested in Lucky and are looking to give him a second chance please submit an application on our website and staff will reach out to you. 🙂

On Hold:
Domestic Medium Hair, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
8 Years 0 Months

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