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Introducing Marvin! This lovable hunk is ready to find his perfect match!

Weight: 65 lbs

Marvin is a playful and affectionate young chap who thrives on attention, cuddles, and endless rounds of fetch. With a heart as big as his size, he'll shower his humans with kisses and attempt to snuggle his entire 70 lbs into your lap. Marvin thrives on routine and seeks a household where he can be surrounded by his people most of the time. While he doesn't mind meeting new faces, high foot traffic can sometimes make him a bit nervous, so a calm and quiet environment would be ideal.

While Marvin isn't keen on feline friends, he absolutely adores other dogs and would benefit greatly from having a canine companion at home to boost his confidence and help him navigate the world. He's a fan of all types of toys, but squeaky tennis balls hold a special place in his heart! Marvin finds solace in his crate and sees it as his safe haven, making it a valuable tool for his forever family.

Equipped with basic commands like sit, paw, and touch, Marvin is not only smart but also eager to learn more. He's in need of an active family who's ready to form a strong bond with an adolescent dog and foster a fulfilling relationship. This handsome gentleman is destined to become an exceptional companion for his forever family

On Hold:
Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown), Mix
Black, Tan
Spayed / Neutered:
1 Years 11 Months

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