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Miss Kitty – Bonded to Meow-Meow

Miss Kitty is part of a bonded pair with her friend Meow-Meow and will need to go home with her. These two are indoor only cats who have never lived outside before. Miss Kitty and Meow Meow also have a birth defect that effect their front feet. They get around very well but stairs may be a little tricky and they might want some assistance when getting onto the bed or couch. Miss Kitty and Meow Meow are very nervous and are going to need time to warm up to new people. It may take them months to really settle in and get used to their new home but once they're comfortable, have been known to be very cuddly and loving. They both have lived with other cats in their previous home and did very well with them, but they especially love to cuddle and be with each other. These two have lived with teens and did well with them but anyone younger would be very overwhelming for these two shy kitties. They really enjoy laying in the sun and cuddling with their family at night. They have never lived with a dog before and may find that to be too stressful.

If you are interested in Miss Kitty and Meow-Meow and think that they would make a wonderful fit for your family, please come in and meet with them. 🙂

On Hold:
Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
3 Years 1 Months

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