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Ms. Kitty

Meet Ms. Kitty, a delightful 14-year-old senior calico cat whose sweet and endearing nature captures hearts effortlessly. Her slightly chunky build only adds to her charming demeanor, reminiscent of a cozy, cuddly companion ready to fill a home with love and warmth.

Ms. Kitty is a cat who appreciates being in the spotlight and enjoys being the center of attention. She yearns for an indoor-only home where she can revel in the undivided love and care of her human companions. While she prefers to be the sole feline resident, she might consider sharing her space with a small, calm senior dog, and would likely get along well with mature kids who understand her need for a gentle approach.

This sweet senior feline has a penchant for the simple joys of life. Napping is one of her favorite pastimes, and she adores cozy hide-away cat beds where she can snuggle up and relax in comfort. Ms. Kitty has a soft spot for catnip, often enjoying playful moments indulging in its delightful effects. Wet food and treats are among her culinary favorites, bringing joy to her meals and adding a touch of delight to her day.

Her affectionate nature and love for quiet moments make her an ideal companion for those seeking a loving and tranquil presence in their home. Ms. Kitty's years of wisdom and gentle demeanor make her an incredible addition to a caring family looking to share their love and affection with a senior cat deserving of a cozy forever home.

In summary, Ms. Kitty is a sweet, slightly chunky 14-year-old calico seeking an indoor-only home where she can bask in attention and affection. She enjoys the company of mature kids and might consider sharing her space with a small senior dog. Her love for napping, cozy hide-away beds, catnip, wet food, and treats makes her an absolute delight and a perfect companion for a loving family ready to cherish her golden years.

On Hold:
Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Orange, Black
Spayed / Neutered:
14 Years 1 Months

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