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Meet Mulder, a 2 year old cat with a lot of personality! He can be a bit cranky when meeting new people but give him some time and he'll be your best friend. Once he's comfortable with you he will roll around begging to be pet. He even gives kisses! He can get over stimulated when being pet for a long time. Don't worry, Mulder will let you know when he is done and needs some alone time.
He's an active boy who will play with anything you give him! His absolute favorite toys are laser lights and feather toys. Mulder is a curious cat who likes to keep busy. We recommend that his future home has lots of interactive toys to keep him busy during the day.
When he's not playing , Mulder spends him time staring out the window. Watching the birds and squirrels go by could keep him busy for hours. When their aren't any birds outside to watch Mulder will compromise and watch squirrel/bird TV on his iPad. We think that Mulder would love the opportunity go spend time outside on a harness.
Mulder has a big appetite! He will stare at you and meow until he gets his daily treats. If he's had too many treats then he will settle for catnip. He especially loves to roll around in a box full of catnip.
While Mulder may be a tough boy he still has his fears. He is scared of feet and will occasionally go after them. This may improve with time and a family that will work on desensitizing him to feet.
Mulder would do best in a home with out children or other cats. He has lived with large dogs before and would do well in a home with a cat-savvy dog.

On Hold:
Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
3 Years 0 Months

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