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Meet Parasoul, a lovable and affectionate feline with a heart as big as her round, plush physique. Parasoul is a beautiful, larger-sized cat, exuding an endearing charm with her round features. Her warm, inviting eyes gleam with an unmistakable sweetness and gentle nature.

This delightful kitty has a penchant for living life indoors, finding comfort and contentment within the walls of a loving home. Parasoul appreciates a peaceful environment without the company of other animals, preferring to be the sole focus of attention. However, she has a remarkable affinity for respectful children and is incredibly patient and tolerant around them, enjoying their gentle company and affectionate interactions.

Parasoul has a special dietary requirement, necessitating a lifelong urinary diet to ensure her well-being and health. With the right care and attention to her dietary needs, she thrives and remains a happy, contented cat.

Additionally, due to her larger size and round build, Parasoul may require some assistance with grooming from time to time. She may find it challenging to reach certain areas for grooming and would greatly benefit from the loving assistance of her human companions to help her stay clean and comfortable.

Despite these specific needs, Parasoul is a loving and devoted companion, showering her human family with affection and warmth. She craves companionship and will form a deep bond with those who show her care and attention.

In summary, Parasoul is a sweet, bigger-sized cat who thrives in an indoor-only environment. She requires a home without other animals but does wonderfully with respectful children. Her special urinary diet is essential for her well-being, and she may need occasional grooming assistance due to her size. With a loving and attentive family, Parasoul will undoubtedly bring immeasurable joy and love into their lives, being a devoted and affectionate furry friend.

On Hold:
Domestic Medium Hair, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
7 Years 1 Months

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