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Penny – available in foster

Introducing Penny!

Weight: 50 lbs

Let's tell the lovely story of pretty Penny. Penny arrived at our shelter after being found locally as a stray. When she first came to us, it was clear she was used to being on the run, with that "fight or flight" mentality. She was very panicked and unsure of her environment. After her stray hold period passed with no owner stepping forward, we quickly began to see how we could improve this girl's state of mind. Penny was very nervous in the shelter, staying hunkered to the ground with her tail tucked, but you could tell she was eagerly awaiting a chance to show her true personality.

Penny has completely transformed in her foster home. During the first couple of days, she was very nervous, pacing a lot, and finding quiet places to settle and observe her environment. It is important for her adopters to understand that Penny is a big thinker. Allowing her to watch interactions and situations before participating in them will be crucial. Penny utilizes her crate in her foster home as a safe place. At bedtime, she may let out a couple of barks but quickly settles down and goes to sleep. She will require a fenced-in yard to have a safe and secure place to explore, and she does well in her foster home's yard.

Penny shares her foster home with a male and female dog, both a couple of years older than her. They have really helped her come out of her shell, teaching her how to play and interact as a happy, go-lucky pup should. It's been truly wonderful to see her goofy personality emerge. Her new home will need lots of patience, as we're sure she will take a few steps backward when transitioning from her foster home to her new home. She will need to slowly get used to her new routine before showing her silly side. Penny also shares her home with a feline friend and is doing well.

We'd like Penny to meet her whole family before going home, and she will likely need to meet them a couple of times before feeling confident enough to make the move. Penny will be your absolute goofiest best friend. She loves to bounce around, whip toys around, and prance outside.

Since Penny is in foster care, please submit an adoption survey so our staff can reach out and set up a time that works best for everyone to come in and meet her.

We are so excited for Penny to finally know the long-term love of her forever home!

On Hold:
Mixed Breed, Medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown), Mix
Brown, Tan
Spayed / Neutered:
1 Years 3 Months

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