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Meet Pikachu!

This lovely gentleman came to us originally found as a stray – poor guy seemed to have been roaming for a couple days. Pikachu quickly picked his couple people here, and has really opened up around them, showing them his dashing personality, and what a happy go lucky guy he can be. Around others, he's more reserved. Pikachu will likely need to meet his new family a few times before feeling confident enough to go home, he seems to take more to women than men, but has made some male friends here, which is great! We're not sure what has happened to this sweet heart, and we're not sure we want to know but he's ready to move on and enjoy his happy forever after.

Pikachu has met canine friends here and has done well, we believe he'd likely do best with a lower energy male, or social happy female dog and would want him to meet any potential canine siblings in home. A home with 1 or 2 feline friends will be best, and we believe with slow, proper introductions with feline friends that would be best to set everyone up for success in the future.

Pikachu would do best in a low foot traffic home, and will require a safe and secure fenced in yard in home. A home with no kiddos would likely be best for this guy due to our nervous demeanor, and tendency to be more scared of fast moving things. This smart guy knows basic commands like sit, and paw and is very food motivated, using treats to win his heart over is definitely the way to go. Pikachu is ready to find his Ash, and we can't wait to see him evolve into the best dog, we know he can be.

On Hold:
Retriever, Labrador, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
3 Years 0 Months

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