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Roux is a very handsome and very special boy. He comes from a place where he did not learn much as a young pup. He is vibrant and social, but also easily overwhelmed and scared. We've luckily had the opportunity to have Roux in a foster home for a brief period and he did very well! He was described as "perfect" and "awesome" by the foster who is now quiet obsessed. Roux did phenomenal with the cats by leaving them alone in home and absolutely ADORED the other dogs. After a long day of playing and walks he'd find a pal to curl up with for a nap.

His ideal home will understand he has a lot of puppy like tendencies very curious but nervous, lots of energy without a lot of self control or manners. He can be anxious and when he gets scared, he will try run from what scares him. On the flip side, he is highly intelligent and wants to learn! His motivation is food. Using positive reinforcement training methods through food rewards will get his focus and thirst for learning into high gear. He loves his hotdogs and cheese so you may want to buy a pack or two to get ya started!

His best home will be dog savvy and experienced with the positive reward based training methods. They should have a routine for him so daily activities are more predictable to ease his anxieties. Try to avoid putting him into uncomfortable situations-chaotic, loud noises, surprises, etc. Be diligent in harnessing his energy and smarts, doing some confidence building training with him, enrichment practices along with a lot of patience, time, and reaching out for help through in home certified + reinforcement trainers, doggie daycare, training classes.

We are looking for a home with kids 12+ or dog savvy kids that understand dog body language and their quirks. Roux can get a bit handsy when playing which can sometimes be overwhelming towards young kids.

Roux's background did not do him well but he's truly deserving of a home willing to allow him to be a dog. We aren't saying he won't be a lot of work but we are saying he's worth it. This goofy boy is sure to win you over and is more than happy to put in the work as long as you are.

His home must have a fenced yard so he has a safe place to learn to walk on leash, learn of a safe environment for him, not be off leash or tied out or unsupervised. Noisy neighborhoods, households and even the wind can be very overwhelming.

If you'd like to make an appointment to visit with Roux while our behavior coordinator is present please give us a call to schedule!

On Hold:
Plott Hound, Mix
Red, White
Spayed / Neutered:
1 Years 2 Months

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