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We take the time to introduce you to Rumple, this lovely guy weighs in at just under 50 lbs with a heart full of life and love. Rumple wants nothing but to be with his people, making them smile and boy will he do just that. Although, Rumple is about 7 years old he is still very active, and adores adventuring but nothing really wins him over like playing tug with a squeaky or fetch with a tennis ball. He'll even show off his really cool tricks for you, like sit pretty and roll over!!

There's a quote that says: "All magic comes with a price, dearie" and this quote may really ring in Rumples life – you see Rumple came to Maine about 4 months ago after a good Samaritan found him in Florida after the hurricane. When Rumple got to Maine, he got out of his new home and was harmed by another dog running in the neighborhood. Don't worry this hasn't ruined his outlook on life he's just been through some tough things and now it's time for the magic, where he meets his forever family and really gets to settle down.

Rumple has met other dogs here and seems to do well, we think more mild energy dogs would be best. A feline free home would be best for Rumple, as his previous home stated he gets overstimulated by feline friends. Rumple would be a great addition to just about any family, we believe a home with older kids 16+ would be ideal for this lovely gentleman, We would want the whole family to meet this guy before going home!

Rumples family should be prepared for a few things after adoption, Rumple has some nerve damage, likely from the previous incident where his nerves to blink – don't work. This causes his eyes to get super dry, so he will need to be on eye drops (artificial tears) likely, lifelong.

Please come in and see our team if you're interested in this lovely gentleman!

On Hold:
Terrier, Pit Bull, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
7 Years 1 Months

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