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Meet Smuckers!

Weight: 43 lbs and growing!

Oh boy, we hope you're ready to move around because if you're not Smuckers will be there to help ya – This happy-go-lucky pup is ready to zoom around his forever home. Smuckers will keep you entertained for hours, he is unbelievably smart and already has so many commands down – like sit, down, paw and touch! His foster home was even working on bell-training him so he could tell you when she needed to go to the bathroom!

Smuckers would do best in a home with dog-savvy cats that have been around super high energy dogs (1-2 felines) more may overwhelm him, and also a home with plenty of space to separate during the decompression period and slow introductions. Smuckers will do best out of the city and with lots of land to run around. No small animals though like chickens or bunnies, please!

Smuckers would do best with older kiddos 8+, big enough kiddos to run around and play with him – but we believe we have some "herding" breed in us so no super young toddlers, please. We'd like Smuckers to meet any potential canine siblings, he's been in foster with both small and large dogs and did best with the large breed as it was one that could keep up with his energy level. Please have the whole family tag along to meet little Smuckers!

On Hold:
Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown), Mix
Black, White
Spayed / Neutered:
0 Years 7 Months

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