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This handsome boy you're looking at is Tank!
Tank came to Maine in hopes that his forever home is out there searching for him, just as much as he's searching for you! Although Tank is about 7 years old, he is still filled with boatloads of energy and spunk. This boy has got a personality that is absolutely unmatched, and we promise you will never be bored with him around. Tank knows basic commands, and is extremely food motivated, he needs some extra lessons when walking on leash but he's such a smart boy – we believe he'll have it down in no time!
We are looking for a home for Tank, with large dog breed experience, or specifically Doberman experience. Tank is very intelligent and needs someone that can knowledgeably handle him, and help him be as successful as possible in his forever home.
Tank would do best with kiddos that can handle his size (12+) and respect his space when needed, and would thrive in a home that is fairly active and looking for a pup to take on all the adventures! We would like Tank to meet any and all potential canine siblings, that he may share a home with, as well as all potential new family members.

If you think this goofy gentleman would be a good match for you and your family, come in and meet him!

On Hold:
Doberman Pinscher, Mix
Black, Brown
Spayed / Neutered:
7 Years 1 Months

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