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Hi there my name is Tanzi,

I'm excited to tell you all about myself, and I hope you're excited to learn about me. Here a few fun facts to start: I am a lover, I will lather you in kisses. I LOVE going on walks, so much that sometimes I get a little to excited to go out and sniff but using a harness and having some treats with you on walks is definitely helpful. I love squeaky toys, and tennis balls and I also love taking naps!!!

Alright, now the real stuff. I decided to make the trip to Maine, after being at my last shelter for almost 2 years!! yes, two whole years, 730 days… how crazy is that. But, I know and my friends here at GAHS and in VA are all routing for me to find my forever home and I know you are out, and maybe you're even reading this right now. The shelter life has thrown me for a loop, it's very stressful here – if you can imagine. My ideal home would be a loving family that wants me to be their only best friend. I promise I will do my darndest to fill the whole house with love, just ask my friends here.

There are pros to me being the only dog in home, that means a lot of one on one time. And that's good for all of us right? It means we get to be best friends forever, and that's all I'm looking forward too. I also would do my best with no cats as well.

I hope that after reading this you come in and meet me, and end my lengthy attempt of looking for my forever family. 730 days has been a lot, and i've been very patient. I promise to love you and all you have to offer, if you can promise to do that in return 🙂

On Hold:
Boxer, Mix
Tan, White
Spayed / Neutered:
6 Years 6 Months

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