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Trevor – pending adoption

Meet Trevor, this dashing dude is ready to find his forever family and finally learn what this whole being a spoiled dog life Is really like.

You see, Trevor has quite the sad up bringing, after being found as a stray wandering around a quiet town in Georgia, a lovely rescue decided to take him in, and butter him up and try to find him a home. When no families there were interested, they said "hey, why don't we try to find his forever home in Maine?" Obviously, with looks like that we couldn't say no. Trevor is a big ol' puppy at heart, and as much as he's ready to settle down and learn how to be a dog, he needs a family that is dedicated to help guide him in that direction.

Trevor has been in a few homes since being with us that has helped us to learn important traits about Trevor. Trevor is a very anxious boy and needs a patient family that is dedicated to working with him on his "puppy-like" behaviors. He needs opportunities to make choices for himself in safe structured environments, learn what is expected and how to be calm. He has been put under a lot of pressure in previous homes which will only increase his anxious behaviors. A routine and structure will be of the utmost importance to the successful transition into home life. Patience and a certified professional behaviorist who can support the family and he with ongoing behavioral modification, is also a must with him. We have a phenomenal positive reinforcement only behavior recommendations as well to help get him started. We are happy to chat more about his behavior and how it presents in the home.

Trevor was in a foster home with another male dog, and did great! He could benefit from being in a home with another dog to follow around and learn the ropes with – it will help him gain confidence as he grows in a home and will help him feel more comfortable in home. He is super playful and energetic so a dog that can keep up with that, and give him a run for his money would be a good fit. His family should be aware that there will need to be points of separation to work with Trevor's behaviors. He also shared the home with a feline friend, and his foster doesn't believe he's really ever been exposed to cats. He's super interested and will go up to the feline friend to sniff and observe. While integrating him into the home cats may be too much of a distraction for Trevor. He'd have to be kept completely separate from cats in the home as to not interfere with his success.

Man oh man, Trevor is such a catch. If you're ready to add a little spunk in your life, please come in and meet this fool.

On Hold:
Shepherd, Mix
Black, Tan
Spayed / Neutered:
1 Years 1 Months

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