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Have you ever fallen in love so fast? We sure haven't, but once you meet this guy you absolutely will. Tucker is a love at first sight type of guy, One look in those eyes and it's over.

We don't even know where to begin with talking about how great this guy is, Tucker is a young active pup, weighing in just under 40 lbs, he is the perfect mix between play, and snuggle time. He loves a good full body massage, while trying to squeeze on your lap, but will never say no if you squeak one of those squeaky toys. Tucker is unbelievably food motivated, and will absolutely give you all of his attention when there are treats involved. He is a young puppy though, who is still working on those manners!

Tucker LOVES his canine friends, so another active canine pal in home would be great. We do require a meet and greet prior to going home, Tucker has tested more scared of cats here – he likely hasn't been overly socialized with them. So slow, proper introductions will be important in all parties being successful in the future, but we have no doubt he'll do great! If you're looking to complete the family, and add in that missing piece from the puzzle, this is your dude!

Please pack up the family and come meet him!

On Hold:
Terrier, American Staffordshire, Mix
Brindle, Brown
Spayed / Neutered:
1 Years 0 Months

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