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Oh, wow it's so very nice to meet you, my name is Xena.

I am very good at making new friends so please – do not be shy. Seriously, I love everyone so much that I can't always keep it in. Sometimes I just have to let the world and everyone around me know just how happy I am that you're here!

Now listen, don't let that number 6 up there fool you I am still ready to rock and roll. I absolutely love adventures and would like to continue my exploration around Maine. I'm originally from Georgia so I am still getting used to the cold and learning the area. I'd love to join a family that is just as excited about getting outdoors as I am.

I will say I like to take the lead on walks but that's just because I am so excited to see new things and meet new people! I walk well on what my friends here call an "easy-walk" harness that could most likely be fitted to me before going home if needed. I mean if you just came to a whole new place like I did you'd want to see it as fast as you could too!

Fun fact about me, I love to be the center of attention. With a face like mine you can't blame me right!? That being said I do wish to be your only fur baby at home but I don't mind and actually quite enjoy walking with a canine buddy.

As I'm sure you can tell I love my people so I would love to spend as much time with my person as possible. I do understand you humans have other responsibilities so don't worry I am not destructive when left alone but I may whine a little. Once I settle down though I am all good again especially if you leave me with my favorite treat – PB!!!

Soooo what are you waiting for?? Come on down and take me home!

On Hold:
Greyhound, Mix
Spayed / Neutered:
6 Years 7 Months

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