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Zeeva (Declawed)

Zeeva is an incredibly sweet and adorable 14 year old lady. She will quickly warm up to be a snuggle bug! She loves to greet her family when they come home and will tell you all about her day! But don't worry she knows how to use her inside voice with her "whisper" meow. Although she's a little slow, she loves to play with catnip and wand toys! She loves to lay in the sun and even go for walks on her harness. She is very laid back and loves to snuggle with her family whenever they'll let her! Give her a fleece blanket to lay on and a good brush and she'll be your best friend. She may do okay with another laid back cat in the home with a slow and proper introduction. She would do great with respectful children.

Zeeva is declawed which is an amputation of the last bone in their toes. This can cause joint pain and arthritis in cats. Although she's declawed she loves to use her carpet scratcher!

Zeeva has some ongoing medical and is on life long medication. Please ask a staff member for more information!

If you are interested in Zeeva and think that she would make a great addition to your family, please come in and meet with her! 🙂

On Hold:
Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Black, Brown
Spayed / Neutered:
14 Years 3 Months

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