Working Cats

Some cats don’t want to hang out on your lap and do best in a “working” environment, with a job to do, like catching mice!  The GAHS working cat program finds adopters who are looking for natural rodent deterrents for enclosed properties such as barns, warehouses, breweries, churches, factories or other facilities. This program is for specific cats who are behaviorally evaluated and found to be less socialized with people, and who cannot be returned to a community cat colony through our Alley Cats L/A program.

If you are interested in a working cat, please give us a call or stop by for a visit! We’ll talk with you about your needs, the environment the cat will be living in, and will work out a plan to help the kitty get settled and acclimated to their new workplace! Working cats can be adopted for a suggested donation of $25.

If we don’t currently have any working or barn cats available, please email us or submit an online application with your interest. We do maintain a list of individuals interested in these cats and can reach out to you when we have one looking for placement!