The Sammy Fund

Second chances. This is what our work at GAHS is about.  Sammy was an emaciated male Rottweiler with a leg that was obviously broken and in need of immediate medical attention.  His left rear leg was swollen to three times its normal size and hung lifeless.  After being struck by a car and abandoned, a Good Samaritan brought the 3-year-old dog into our shelter.  Christened “Sammy”, he immediately underwent extensive surgery to repair the leg, including metal pins and plates.

Ordered to strict kennel rest for several weeks to have time to heal, Sammy received daily mental challenges and enrichment like peanut butter filled Kongs and interesting scents and sounds- but he really wanted to be on the go all day long! Daily snuggle time definitely was the highlight of his day and he quickly had many, many fans, and was adopted into a loving home once he had recovered enough to make the transition.

Sammy’s story is one of countless second chances and new beginnings that animals received through the work of GAHS.  Your support allows us to save these lives and make a difference every day.

There always seems to be an animal in need of significant medical care at our shelter. Right now, we have a sweet doggo who needed an emergency cesarean. Several cats have been treated for urinary blockages. We never know what will come through our door- but your support helps us address whatever needs may arise!

With special thanks to our friends at Shaggy’s Baggy for donating monthly to the Sammy Fund to help needy dogs!