Kitten Shower

Meow!! Every year, GAHS welcomes hundreds of sweet, adorable and hungry kittens! These cuties need lots of supplies to help them grow into healthy, happy kitties. Our Kitten Shower will be held on Saturday, June 1st from 11am to 3pm. This adorable event helps us to gather funds and supplies to help us help needy kittens thrive! Plus we’ll have fun games, bake sale, information about kitten fostering and much more- mark you calendar for the cutest event around.

Online shopper? Check out our Amazon Kitten Registry or Target Registry and send a gift in the mail!

Our ton ten needed items? Digital kitchen scales, Powder and Liquid KMR (kitten milk replacer), Unflavored Pedialyte, Heating disks, Miracle nipples, Blender bottles, Kitten Nutrical, Meat Baby Food, and small Bottles.

We are currently recruiting event sponsors! For the cat-lovers in our community- this event will have you purring up a storm!!