Behavior and Enrichment

At the GAHS we strive to provide the best care for animals while they are in our facility.  We utilize staff and volunteer time to provide mental and physical enrichment such as play time, puzzle feeders, walks and exercise time, basic clicker training and basic obedience training.   In 2021 and beyond, we aim to implement Doggie Day Trips, Slumber Parties, Play Groups, Cat Clicker Training and a calendar of dog training classes to benefit both shelter and owned dogs.  

We’re currently seeking donations for this growing program including Kong toys, cat wand toys, soft training treats, peanut butter (no xylitol), snuffle mats and other enrichment toys. 

We allow social visits as circumstances allow pending staff & space availability. Due to COVID precautions, we are very limited in and are scheduling appointments for most shelter activities. Please understand that adoptions are our priority when serving clients on any given day. We currently do not allow GAHS dogs to be walked by visitors.  If you are interested in joining our volunteer team to help provide mental and physical enrichment for our dogs and cats, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.