Community Outreach

We know that pets bring so much love and happiness to families and individuals- and just because someone may be struggling financially doesn’t mean they can’t provide a loving home for a companion animal.    To help those in our community who need a helping hand (or paw), GAHS is happy to provide our Community Outreach Clinics.   

These clinics offer free basic wellness services for dogs and cats living in homes where their families are struggling to make ends meet in our service communities (Auburn, Canton, Greene, Hebron, Leeds, Lewiston, Livermore, Minot, New Gloucester, Turner, Wales).  

Our team offers distemper vaccines and rabies vaccines, microchipping, a basic wellness exam and free pet food.  If your pet is in need, please visit us at a clinic listed below.   Please note that distemper vaccines must have a booster shot after 1 month, so please plan to attend two clinics.

Check out our 2021 calendar. We have clinics booked for July 24th, August 14th, September 11th and October 2nd.