Disaster Preparedness

Being prepared for any type of natural disaster is the one of best ways you can care for your pets or farm animals who depend on you. Make a plan for a variety of situations and disasters, such as floods, winter storms and power outages, forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, hazardous material leaks or dam failures. Disaster planning can also come in handy for any event that might cause you to be unexpectedly away from home, with or without your pets.  Planning and preparing sets you and your pets up for safety and success!

Remember that microchipping is an easy and inexpensive way to help boost the chances that you’ll find a lost pet. The GAHS offers microchips for only $20 for both cats and dogs! We also offer engraved tags at a low cost, for your pet’s collar.

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Check out this informational brochure from the Maine Emergency Management Agency: 

Preparing the Whole Family Pet Plan Brochure

Further information can found at these helpful links:

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Microchips save lives!