Home to Vacationland

Did you know that the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society saved the lives of thousands of animals from other shelters and rescues throughout the United States in the past decade through our Home to Vacationland program?

What is “Home to Vacationland”? GAHS’s very own transport program which seeks out shelters and rescue groups that are inundated with needy animals in other parts of the United States.  We transport those pets north to Maine where they quickly get adopted into loving homes in our beautiful Vacationland state.  

Our program is always growing and evolving to keep up with changing trends and needs for animals across the country. It is important to note, the animals transported undergo strict quarantine procedures both before and after transport, in order ensure they are transported responsibly, and receive all the necessary vaccinations required by the State of Maine prior to departing for their trip north.     

Why do we transport? It is simple, our community is able and willing to provide loving homes in Maine to those who need us most. Through vigorous spay/neuter programs, New England has seen decreases in the number of local dogs and kittens needing our help.  While we still serve all local dogs in need, we’re happy to be able to look to other parts of the country still struggling with over-population, and to lend a helping paw.  Without community support like yours, programs like this would not be possible.