Surrendering a Pet

COVID-19 Update 7/15/21: In light of social distancing and pandemic precautions, we are scheduling incoming animals and booking appointments to best serve our clients and manage in-house populations. For pet medical emergencies, please contact your veterinary clinic or the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine.

GAHS contracts with eleven municipalities in the greater Androscoggin County area to provide animal care services for strays and pets in need.  We also take in animals who can no longer be cared for by their owners.   If you live in Auburn, Canton, Greene, Hebron (cats only), Leeds, Lewiston, Livermore, Minot, New Gloucester, Turner, or Wales and can no longer keep your dog, cat or small animal, please contact us at 207-783-2311 or

We are open for pet surrenders during our regular business hours 6 days a week (closed on Wednesdays). When possible, we ask that you call or email in advance so we can schedule a time with you in the following week, as space allows at the shelter.  This is to ensure that we can provide the best of care to every animal who enters our doors.

Owners will be asked to fill out a surrender profile with information about the pet, to help us determine the best path for the animal and assess their needs as they enter our facility.  We ask for honest information and please be as detailed as possible. This sets your pet up for success on the path to a new home! Please note that a photo ID is required to surrender a pet to the shelter.

While GAHS does not charge a fee to surrender an animal, we do ask for a financial donation of any amount to help us provide care for that animal and the thousands we help each year. We are also grateful to take any food or supplies along with the animal, to help provide them an easier transition to the shelter.